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Get a Brilliant White Smile to Offset Your Summer Tan

June 12, 2018

Man receiving Zoom ! teeth whiteningNothing looks better than a golden summer tan except maybe a brilliant white smile to accompany it. If you want to brighten your smile before summer vacation, it’s time to contact your cosmetic dentist to learn more about effective, predictable professional teeth whitening options. Most practices offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening solutions that deliver smiles up to ten shades brighter.

Stop the Pain of Sensitive Teeth in Thousand Oaks

June 18, 2017

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Your dentist provides treatment for sensitive teeth in Thousand Oaks.Do you feel a sudden pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold? Maybe there is an uncomfortable feeling when you suck in air through your mouth? If you are experiencing these symptoms, you are suffering from sensitive teeth. Since discomfort does not occur all the time, you may feel like it is not an important issue. However, any sensitivity that occurs is due to an underlying issue, which may be severe. If you notice that your teeth are becoming less tolerate to temperature changes or pressure, you need to see your dentist who treats sensitive teeth in Thousand Oaks. Dr. Gary Chaffee will find the cause of your pain to provide you with the relief you need.

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