Dental Bridges – Newbury Park, CA 

Close Gaps & Smile Wide

Even just one missing tooth can negatively impact your life in countless ways, affecting everything from what you can eat to how comfortable you feel smiling and talking. For people missing one to three teeth in a row, dental bridges in Newbury Park offer a dependable and lasting solution that looks as good as it functions. Dr. Chaffee has already helped countless patients recover their smiles and confidence using this treatment, and he’s ready to do the same for you.

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Why Choose Paraiso Family Dental & Orthodontics For Dental Bridges? 

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What Is a Dental Bridge?

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A dental bridge gets its name from the fact that it literally bridges the space left by one or more consecutive missing teeth. Dental crowns are fitted over the natural teeth next to the gap, and these are bonded to additional crowns (pontics) placed between them. Our bridges are made using tooth-colored materials like porcelain so they perfectly resemble real enamel and can stand up to everyday chewing.

Types of Dental Bridges

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Tooth loss can look quite different from patient to patient, and based on someone’s needs and budget, we’re able to accommodate them by offering two varieties of this prosthetic. Which one would be best for you? We’ll talk about each at an initial consultation so you can decide.

Traditional Dental Bridges

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With a traditional dental bridge, the pontics are attached to the dental crowns located on either side as well as each other. It can either be fixed in place, meaning only your dentist can remove it, or there may be metal clasps that allow you to take your teeth out as needed to clean them.

Dental Implant Bridges

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Instead of relying on natural teeth for stability, dental implant bridges are secured using two dental implant crowns placed at either end of the space in someone’s smile. These provide a higher level of support for the new teeth compared to a regular bridge, plus they stimulate the underlying jawbone to prevent bone loss. 

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

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  • Enjoy a full and confident smile again
  • Feel more comfortable showing off your teeth
  • Clearer speech
  • Makes chewing easier and more comfortable
  • Takes pressure off of your gums
  • Prevents neighboring teeth from shifting
  • Lowers the risk of future tooth loss
  • Reduces chances of gum infection
  • Balances bite to prevent jaw pain
  • Preserves the health of the jawbone (dental implant bridge only)