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Newbury Park Teeth Whitening: 5 Tips for Whiter Teeth

November 25, 2015

newbury park teeth whiteningAs much as we wish there were, there’s no way to prevent tooth discoloration that happens with age — and with each year that passes, your smile looks a little dingier. What you can do, though, is take little steps to increase whiteness. Cutting back on your coffee habit is an example. But if small lifestyle changes aren’t enough to give you the whiter teeth you want, you should know about your options with Newbury Park teeth whitening — just in time for the holidays!

Newbury Park Teeth Whitening: Five Options for a Beautiful Smile

As with everything in dentistry, there’s no one-size-fits-all whitening option that’s perfect for everyone. Below we mention five ways to a whiter smile, but we may have left off your favorite method. If so, let us know in the comments below!

#5: Small but powerful changes to your diet can help

We mentioned it earlier, but you may be surprised just how much coffee stains teeth. If you’re looking for a way to brighten your teeth naturally, try switching to green tea — or kicking the caffeine habit altogether. You’ll definitely notice a difference after a couple of weeks.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is also important for beautiful white teeth. Fresh produce, like apples and celery, are excellent for rubbing away plaque and surface stains. And keeping healthy snacks around the office or at school will help to curb sugar cravings, too.

#4: Whitening toothpastes produce gradual results

Combine dietary changes with a whitening toothpaste for maximum results. These toothpastes contain chemical or polishing agents to gently remove stains from the surface of your teeth. Whitening toothpastes are safe, easy to use and can be purchased over the counter. They’re also a good option for patients who find their teeth are too sensitive for more powerful whitening treatments.

#3: Over-the-counter treatments are one option

If your budget leads you to prefer to use an over-the-counter tooth whitening treatment, we want to remind you that these aren’t as strong or effective as a professional bleaching system. Please ask us to recommend an over-the-counter treatment that’s right for your teeth — we want you to smile bright with healthy teeth now, and for years to come.

#2: Professional at-home treatments offer amazing results

If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually, at your own pace but with more dramatic results than an over-the-counter system can offer, a professional at-home whitening treatment is an excellent option for you. We create special trays that are custom fit to your mouth. You simply pour the bleaching solution into the trays and wear them for an hour a day — and you’ll notice whiter teeth almost immediately. The most dramatic results, however, appear after about two weeks of proper use.

#1: Choose in-office Zoom! whitening for the most dramatic results

If you want incredibly whiter teeth fast, you’ve got to choose our in-office Zoom! whitening system. One of the quickest and safest ways to whiten your teeth, in-office whitening with Zoom! can give you dazzlingly white teeth, up to eight shades brighter, in one, one hour treatment.

Are you interested in learning how a professional whitening treatment can give you the stunning smile you deserve? If so, contact Paraiso Family Dental to schedule your appointment today.

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